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  • Environmental Friendly & Renewable Technology

    FOUNTAIN provides environmental technology and engineering services in organic solid waste treatment, soil remediation, industrial wastewater treatment, and air pollution prevention. The company has technology and engineering capabilities in design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and facilities maintenance and management. FOUNTAIN has reached internationally recognized advanced levels and accumulated substantial experience in engineering.

  • Infrastructure & Investments in Water Resource Management

    FOUNTAIN focuses on the construction of "watershed envi- ronmental governance" and an “intelligent water environment” with ways to utilize resources with high efficiency and provide cleaning technology at low cost. The company strives to provide water resource management and intelligent water environment schemes for different cities and regions. FOUNTAIN strives to operate its water resource management business by means of an intelligent water environment

  • Environmental Cleaning & Clean Energy Provider

    FOUNTAIN works closely with top international research institutions to explore and develop industry-grade distributed energy stations focused on cascaded energy utilization, providing power for “centralized energy storage” city chilling plants using renewable energy such as geothermal heat, industrial waste heat and co-generation. FOUNTAIN is committed to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment in the residential development process and explores methods to produce and use ecological building materials


The China-Saudi Arabia Investment Cooperation Forum Held Successfully in Beijing

On the 22 of February, during the visit of the Crown Prince of Muhammad to China, the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission and the Saudi Investment Bureau convened the China-Saudi Arabia Investment Cooperation Forum in Beijing. The Forum is an important event in implementing the consensus reached between leaders of both countries ......

SFC signs MoU’s with Max-Planck Society and Max-Planck Institute

Shenzhen Fountain Corporation (Stockcode 000005.SZX) (SFC) has signed two MoU’s with the Max-Planck Society for the Advancement of Science e.V. (MPG) and a Max-Planck Institute under MPG on September 14, 2017.?
The MoU’s include a License MoU which has been signed with Max-Planck Innovation GmbH (MI) and a Cooperation MoU which has been signed with the Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and......

The Economist Innovation Awards 2015

The Economist Events’ Innovation Awards & Summit 2015 was held in Hong Kong on October 14, 2015. This unique event explores new trends in business innovation and focuses on the challenges of innovating inside Asia’s established businesses. This year?The Economist?held the fourteenth?annual Innovation Awards, the only awards presented by the newspaper......

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