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Welcome to a New Carbon Age

In ancient Chinese tradition, energy in nature transforms through the elements FIRE, WATER, METAL, WOOD AND EARTH in ever flowing interacting processes.

In resonance with this concept, we apply vanguard technologies across the supply chain of our development projects, to transform Carbon in ways that reinstate the environmental balance that has been so dramatically disturbed by human activity.

It starts with solutions that reduce carbon emissions by streamlining efficiencies in the carbon transformation cycle, and creating synergies that result in meaningful impact on the environment.

We focused our expertise in areas that are key contributors to global carbon emissions: real estate development, clean energy, transportation and waste management.

We at Shenzhen Fountain Corporation have for years lead the industry in an effort to dramatically reduce carbon emissions from construction activity by actively setting new standards in sustainable real estate development. Our efforts started in 2007, when Shenzhen Fountain Corporation started to plan for the Fountain Valley residential community in Changsha, Hunan. By careful planning from the get- go and the implementation of various technologies Fountain Valley today is one of the leading green building neighborhoods developments in China. This is exemplified by the fact that this community has been named a national Demonstration project for Green Building and Energy Efficiency by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development(MOHURD).

For Shenzhen Fountain Corporation, building a green and sustainable neighborhood community was just the beginning of a journey to the realization of a low- carbon economy. Real Estate fulfills some of humanity’s most basic needs; the need for shelter, the need for security. By providing shelter additional "wants" become apparent; the want of mobility, the want for a healthy lifestyle among others.

Shenzhen Fountain Corporation looks beyond the narrow defined horizon of providing energy efficient real estate; we look at interconnected and interdependent value streams, which are part of the real estate realm. We have identified core areas which are interrelated to our primary business activity and which have tremendous potential to further reduce the environmental impact we are all having on our planet.

Shenzhen Fountain Corporation is an innovation company in the Energy & Environment sector and is mainly engaged in carbon transformation efforts along its main businesses, which include sustainable real estate development, alternative transportation concepts and waste to carbon technologies. SFC aims to bring to market pragmatic transformative carbon business models.